All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Storyline, and More

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All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date

When is the All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Come? I am sure you might also want to know the exact answer to the question. Well, we have got the precise answer now. The most buzzed and talk-of-the-town Korean series release date countdown has started. Yes, the TV series is likely to hit the streaming platform by the start of 2024.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2
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Even though the Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strikes are still going on, it is anticipated that the production of All of Us Are Dead Season 2 won’t be impacted because it is taking place in South Korea.

Social media speculations claim that the TV show’s filming is still continuing and that the showrunners plan to wrap up post-production by the beginning of next year. Additionally, the claims appear to be genuine if we look at the release date for the previous season, which was also on January 28, 2022.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that neither Netflix nor the production business has approved of the rumors. When asked about the anticipated Korean show’s release date, the production crew has remained mum and isn’t in the mood to talk about it.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Storyline: Things You Need to Know

Netflix renewed All of Us Are Dead for the new season in June 2022. Looking at the ratings of the series, the announcement should have been made earlier, as the original season hit the top spot on Netflix’s US Daily top 10 lists on the seventh day of its release. The audience so much loved the TV series that within 30 days of its release, it was watched by over 474.26 million hours. 

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2
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The Naver webtoon of the same name, produced by Joo Dong-Geun, is the inspiration for the South Korean television series, which centers on a group of high school kids who band together to escape a zombie epidemic.

The television series takes place in the dormitories of a high school in South Korea. Students are put in this terrifying situation where a botched science experiment causes a relentless zombie apocalypse, forcing them to fight for their lives.

What to Expect in All of Us Are Dead Season 2?

The first season of All of Us Are Dead ended with a major twist in which Nam-ra reappeared to reunite with her pals. She is a half-human, half-zombie hybrid, so it was an unexpected reunion.

Also, as per the mythos of All of Us Are Dead, certain infected were able to keep their humanity, But one obvious side effect is that they continue to crave human meat.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2
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It looks like Nam-ra successfully transformed into a zombie-human hybrid based on their final encounter, but it is still unknown if she will be able to resist the impulse to infect her friends. Season 2 might explore Nam-ra and her new pals as well as the secret in front of the hybrids.

Along with returning stronger zombies, the second season of the show will also feature the introduction of new characters, perilous antagonists, and intricate plotlines.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Cast

The core cast members from the original season are expected to return for the renewal series. Although Cheong-San appeared to have passed away in Season 1’s last episodes, Yoon Chan-yeong’s appearance in the video announcing Season 2 may be a sign that he will return.

The cast has not yet been officially announced, nor have any of the previous cast members confirmed that they will reprise their roles for the second season. However, if the rumors are to be believed, the cast members we have listed below will most likely make their appearances in the second season.

  • Cho Yi-hyun as Nam-ra
  • Park Ji-hu as On-jo
  • Lee Eun-saem as Mi-jin
  • Im Jae-hyuk as Dae-su
  • Yoon Chan-yeong – Lee Cheong-san
  • Park Solomon as Su-hyeok
  • Ha Seung-ri as Ha-ri
  • Bo-yoon as Hyo-ryung
  • Yoon Chan-yeong – Lee Cheong-san

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Trailer

A brief announcement teaser for Season 2 showcased by Netflix in June 2022. A swarm of zombies is seen at the beginning prior to the number two being displayed at the end of the video. Well, the video is not the trailer it’s just a promotional strategy to build the hype for the renewal season. 

If the showrunners adopted the same strategy for the second season, you might probably get to watch three trailers. The first season’s official trailer debuted on January 7, 2022, and a brief teaser confirming its release date was released on December 31, 2021. A final trailer was released by Netflix exactly two weeks before the broadcast of Season 1 on January 14, 2022, as the premiere date of the show drew nearer.

As of now, the trailer is not available, and fans can watch the season 1 episodes on Netflix

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