Belanova Rosa Pastel-Embracing the elegance of Rosa Pastel

Belanova Rosa Pastel– A very famous song Rosa Pastel released on April 2,2006 was sang by Mexican pop band named Belanova. It was the third single from their album Dulce Beat. The band re-issued the album as ‘Dulce Beat 2.0’ after the success of “Por ti” with the universal records and agreeing to make Belanova Rosa Pastel the single and promotional song from their new edition.

The latest news circulating on internet regarding Belanova band is that they will reunite for first U.S. tour in six years. The headlines as per Rolling Stone states that “Mexican Pop trio Belanova will reunite for first U.S. tour in six years”. To know more about Belanova band, Belanova Rosa Pastel stay tuned to our article.

About Belanova Band

Belanova is a Mexican pop band that formed in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco in 2000. The group consists of major three people like ‘Denisse Guerrero (lead vocal), Ricardo Richie Arreola (bass, guitar) and Edgar Huerta (keyboards, programming). They are the main group members and several other musician perform during live performance. In 2002 the band was signed to Virus Records which is owned by Universal Music.

OriginGuadalajara, Jalisco
LabelsUniversal Music, Virus
GenresPop, Electropop

Denisse Guerrero

Ricardo Arreola

Edgar Huerta

Years active2000-Present


History of the band

All three members of the band had passion for music since childhood. Edgar who handles keyboard and programming is from Guadalajara. He confessed that he became interested in music when his brother received keyboard as a Christmas present and Edgar shown a little interest and started playing with it.

Richie is also from Guadalajara and he developed his interest in music out of the administration for The Beatles member ‘Paul McCartney’ as a child. Denisse who is from Los Mochis enjoyed singing since she was a child and was previously the member of the band 40 Grados. The trio met in a Guadalajara at a bar where both Edgar and Denisse were working.

Their first album together was released in 2003 and was titled as “Cocktail”. The first single of the album was “Tus Ojos” which gained its popularity due to its inclusion in a Mitsubishi publicity campaign. The song reached number one on the Mexican Top 100 and stayed their for three consecutive weeks.

Source- Spotify

The band spent 2003-2004 on a 100- Concert Tour around Mexico promoting the album. In 2005 the band released their second album named “Dulce Beat” which lately gained popularity in the Latin America.

The first single was “Me Pregunto”. The single was soon followed by “Por Ti”. In 2006 Belanova Rosa Pastel was released and fourth single was “Nino” which was used for the promotions of Pizza Hut. The album became famous in Latin America which lead it to the release of band’s first live album named “Dulce Beat Live”.

Like this the band kept on releasing various albums and also conducted several live concerts. The latest headlines are that the band will reunite for U.S. tour for the first time in six years.

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Studio Albums 

2005Dulce Beat
2007Fantasia Pop
2010Sueno Electro 1
2011Sueno Electro 2
2018Viaje al Centro del Corazon


Live Albums

2006Dulce Beat Live
2008Tour Fantasia Pop
2013Canciones Para La Luna- Sinfonico En Vivo


Belanova Rosa Pastel

Belanova Rosa Pastel
Source- Sound Cloud

April 2,2006( in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia)

Dec 14,2006 (in U.S.)

GenreSynthpop, electro rock

Denisse Guerrero Flores, Ricardo Arturo Arreola, Palomera, Edgar Albino Huerta Castaneda

ProducerRicardo Arreola, Denisse Guerrero, Edgar Huerta, Cachorro Lopez
LabelsUniversal Music Latino


The song  Belanova Rosa Pastel revived its popularity again in 2023 after becoming viral on TikTok. The streaming of this song increased on Spotify and it entered daily chart in Mexico.

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