Clauddine Blanchard- Murder Of Dee Dee Blanchard, Bio, and More

Clauddine Blanchard was born on May 3, 1967, in Chackbay, Louisiana face down in the bedroom of her house just outside Springfield. On June 14, 2015, Sheriff’s deputies in Greene County, Missouri, United States, found the body of Clauddine Blanchard. To know more about this story, read the whole article Clauddine Blanchard– Murder Of Dee Dee Blanchard, Bio, and More 

Who Was Clauddine Blanchard?

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Dee Dee Blanchard was born Clauddine Pitre in Chackbay, Louisiana, near the Gulf Coast, in 1967. she grew up with her family in nearby Golden Meadow. Blanchard was one of five children of Claude Anthony Pitre, Sr., and Emma Lois Gisclair. 

Many relatives reported that she had a habit of stealing from her family, which they speculated was a form of retaliation when ‘things didn’t go her way’. She also worked as a nurse’s aide at some point early in her adult life. 

When she was 24, she became pregnant by Rod Blanchard, then 17. Both named their daughter Gypsy Rose as Dee Dee liked the name Gypsy and Rod was fan of Guns N’Roses. 

Who Killed Clauddine Blanchard?

As per The Hill, it is very shocking to hear the Gypsy Rose Blanchard is the one who infamously plotted to kill her mother and is expected to be released from prison on Thursday after serving more than seven years behind bars. 

In July 2016, the now 32-year old was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in the death of her mother Clauddine ‘Dee Dee Blanchard’. Rose’s ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn is serving a life sentence for fatally stabbing Dee Dee. 

Also, for all those who are unfamiliar with the case, it was inspired by the Hulu series, ‘The Act’. 

Why Clauddine Blanchard Was Killed?

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Initially, Gypsy avoided trial since she accepted a plea deal, but she did testify at Godejohn’s trial. She is also the one who claimed it was her idea to kill her mother just because her relationship with Godejohn was kept a secret as Dee Dee controlled every aspect of her life.

Moreover, when she was 19 years old, she found out that she was not sick but learned the full extent of her health after she was arrested. Most importantly, at trial, Godejohn’s defense argued that he was motivated to kill Clauddine Blanchard in order to save Gypsy Rose from abuse. He also stated that he was ‘blindly in love’ with Rose. 

What Was Clauddine Blanchard Age At Death?

Initially, the Springfield News-leader reported that the 29 year old Nicolas Godejohn of Big Bend, Wisconsin, will not be eligible for parole under the sentence ordered Friday. Later, the sentence was the only one possible after he was convicted in November of first-degree murder in the June 2015 death of 48-year-old Claudine ‘Dee Dee’ Blanchard at her home near Springfield. 

So, Clauddine Blanchard was 48 years old when she was killed. Also, at the time when Blanchard’s body was found, a missing person’s report was put out of her daughter, Gypsy Rose. It is also important to now that the girl was believed to be significantly younger than her real age, that she bound to a wheelchair, struggling with cancer, and had different other maladies.

How The Murder Of Clauddine Blanchard Plotted?

Gypsy Rose and Dee were receiving an outpouring of support that include free charity trips and large sums of money. When Rose was 23, in June 2015, she arranged for Nicholas Godejohn, the one she met on a Christian dating site, to travel to Springfield to kill her mother. 

Later, Gypsy told Godejohn went to Dee Dee’s house, where she gave him gloves, a knife, and duct tape. On the other side, Gypsy hid in the bathroom, prosecutors said Godejohn went into Dee Dee’s bedroom and stabbed her 17 times. So, after the murder, Gypsy and Godejohn fled back to his home in Wisconsin where they were arrested days later. 

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