Horizon: An American Saga Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer and More

Horizon: An American Saga, an American epic Western movie co-written, produced, directed, and starring Kevin Costner, will soon be released in theatres, and we can’t wait to see it. So, if you’re also eagerly anticipating the most talked-about movie, you must read the complete post. We will provide you with information about Horizon: An American Saga’s release date, cast, plot, trailer, and other details.

Horizon: An American Saga Release Date

Kevin Costner is returning as a filmmaker for the upcoming movie Horizon: An American Saga after a 20-year absence. Despite his best efforts, Costner’s passion project, Horizon, never saw the light of day. The movie was initially commissioned by Costner in 1988 as a solo movie; then, he approached Disney a few years later to make his vision a reality. 

Even though the agreement with Disney didn’t work out, Costner revealed in January 2022 that he was finally planning to adapt Horizon for the big screen. 

Numerous recent reports claim Yellowstone is ending because of Costner’s work on Horizon. Schedule issues with Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton, are said to be the reason for Yellowstone’s delayed comeback for season 5.

Although, at present, there is no official release date for Horizon: An American Saga. In one of his interviews in May, Costner expressed hope that the movie will be released by the end of this year. 

But the good news is that ‘Horizon: An American Saga’ appears to be the beginning of the next great Western, with three sequels already approved and the shooting for the second one already commenced. The film is right now in its post-production phase, and when all is settled, the release date for the film will be disclosed soon. 

Horizon: An American Saga Release Summary

Movie NameHorizon: An American Saga
DirectorKevin Costner
WriterJon Baird, Kevin Costner
ProducerKevin Costner
Production CompanyNew Line Cinema, Territory Pictures
CinematographyJ. Michael Muro
Editing byMiklos Wright 
Music ComposerJohn Debney
Distribution PartnerWarner Bros. Pictures
Original LanguageEnglish
Origin CountryUnited States
Lead Cast

Kevin Costner, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, Thomas Haden Church

Release DateNovember 2023 (Projected)

Horizon: An American Saga Cast

Horizon: An American Saga Release Date
Source: Premiere

To make a successful film, the cast members of a particular film play an important role. They are the ones who bring alive the characters and connect with the audience. Hence, picking the cast is a responsible job to do. Talking about Horizon, the star cast is huge, and so is the responsibility to cast the perfect member who is best suited to the role.

It makes sense that a cast of exceptionally excellent performers would need to be assembled for a film with such significant franchising ambitions. Starring alongside Kevin Costner, the members who joined the franchise in August are Jena Malone, Sam Worthington, Tatanka Means, Jamie Campbell Bower, Sienna Miller,  Luke Wilson,  Michael Rooker, Thomas Haden Church, and Alejandro Edda.

Numerous casting announcements would be made throughout September, including those for Isabelle Fuhrman, Ella Hunt, Jeff Fahey, and Tom Payne. Will Patton, Owen Crow Shoe, and Danny Huston joined the cast in October. Although nothing is currently known about the “Horizon” protagonists or the personal tragedies that will be intertwined into the plot.

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Horizon: An American Saga Story 

The American West’s pre-and post-Civil War expansion and colonization will be covered in detail over a 15-year period in Horizon. The conflict between those who sought consolation in an extended colony is a major theme in the film Horizon, which tries to investigate that intriguing period of history more closely.

The epic tale is meant to be seen through the eyes of numerous people who called the American West home. However, no official synopsis for the film has been released yet. 

Regarding the ambitious project, Costner is backing up his words. In an interview with Deadline, he revealed that he mortgaged 10 acres on the water in Santa Barbara, where he planned to build his last home, but he did it without giving it any second thought since he believed the concept and the narrative.

Is Horizon: An American Saga Trailer Released?

Shooting for the first season was finished, and the movie is currently in post-production. We already let you know that the film’s three seasons have already been greenlighted, and the shooting of the second season has already commenced. But still, no trailer so far has been released for Horizon: An American Saga. Fans can anticipate some type of promotional material soon, though, given Costner’s anticipated Fall 2023 release date. 

Horizon: An American Saga Sequel

In a June interview, Costner said he intended to adapt the idea into four films and that he was casting for more than 170 speaking characters. In southern Utah, filming for at least the first episode began on August 29 and ended in November 2022. By May 2023, production on the follow-up second season had begun.

So, are you excited to watch the upcoming American epic Western film Horizon: An American Saga? It would be great if you share your thoughts with us.

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