Hunter Biden Net Worth: A look at his Controversial Business Dealings

Being the son of the most renowned political figure, Hunter Biden often came into controversies. But this is the one side of the coin there are many advantages too that Hunter Biden got as the son of President Joe Biden. The businessman, artist, and American attorney have made a million of wealth with the benefits of having his father in the White House and also with the support of the Democratic party leaders. So here we will throw some light on Hunter Biden Net Worth and a brief bio of the famous personality.

Hunter Biden Net Worth

From the sources, it was reported that Hunter Biden’s net worth for the year 2023 reached $ 255 million from $ 230 million in the previous year. The entrepreneur has almost doubled his net worth in the past five years and the predictions of increasing his net worth by 400% in the coming five years are done by various industry experts. 

Hunter Biden’s Income: How did he make it?

The annual income of the politician businessman is reported to be $ 22 million. The valuation of his assets is reported to be $ 130 million while the investments are calculated to be $ 120 million in all. Among the assets, the most expensive is the luxury house that he owned in Delaware. The house was bought for a whopping amount of $ 21 million and $ 9 million was further spent on its renovation. Apart from it, the business conglomerate owns more than 15 real estate properties, 9 luxury cars, 3 yachts, and a private jet. 

A major portion of his wealth comes from his business dealings. The businessman closes every deal raking him millions of dollars. Most of his deals are with China and Russia. The recent deal is with the Chinese Energy Company, making him earn $ 5 million yearly. Although Hunter Biden was always been a target when comes to his business dealings by the Republicans.

Hunter Biden Short Biography

Hunter Biden Net Worth
Source: The Economic Times

Hunter Biden is the second son of former American president Joe Biden and his former wife Neilia Biden. Likewise his father his schooling completed at Archmere Academy in Claymont, Delaware. After completing his graduation he served as a volunteer at a church in Portland and met Katheleen Buhle whom he tied the knot in 1993. He then completed his graduation in law and started contributing to his father’s campaigns.

In 2006 Hunter Biden become a member of the board of directors of Amtrak by President Bush. He was a founding board member of a Chinese Investment company, BHR Partners. From 2014 to 2019 Hunter Biden also served on the board of energy exploration and production company Burisma Holdings Limited in Ukraine. US President Donald Trump and his allies put several allegations against Hunter and his father Joe Biden for their corrupt business dealings in Ukraine. During that time his tax affairs have also been under federal criminal investigation.

Hunter Biden Laptop Controversy

The artistic businessman 2020 was surrounded by a laptop controversy. The controversy emerged with the abandonment of a laptop at a Delaware computer shop. Since Biden did not pick the laptop it become evidence of the Hunter’s dealings with foreign companies and some of his scandals. The laptop discloses the hidden documents, emails, and messages of his business dealings. But despite all the allegations put by the opposing party, there was no wrongdoing found in the joint investigation by two Republican Senate committees.

Hunter Biden Art

The businessman is also a stunning artist. His latest painting was unveiled at New York City gallery. He displayed three pieces priced at $ 85000 a pop. Although he was not at the gallery opening due to the ongoing investigation by the Republican-controlled House Committee for illegal business dealings, money laundering, tax fraud, and violating of lobby laws.

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