Shannon Sharpe Emotive Undisputed Exit: Sharing the Backstory with Skip Bayless

The FS1 show set is filled with emotions when the former three-time super bowl champion, Shannon Sharpe said his final goodbye to the show. Tears were shedding and there were sounds of clapping everywhere during his finale episode on the show. Shanon Sharpe has made it clear before that he will leave Undisputed after the NBA finals finish. His exit from the show was very first reported by the New York Post. Shrape while delivering his final speech on the show said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is officially my last day at work. After seven years, the train stops with Shannon Sharpe and ‘Undisputed’ right here.”

Shannon Sharpe’s Final Speech on Undisputed

Shannon on the finale episode expressed his gratitude especially crediting Bayless, his co-host for seven years, for helping him the way he never thought of. Shannon in his speech stated:

“I’m here because of you. You’ve allowed me to share the stage with you, allowed me to share the platform… The opportunity that you gave me to become what I am, I’m forever indebted to you. I’ll never forget what you did for me, you’ve helped me grow more than you ever know.”

Shannon Sharpe Skip Bayless
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Shannon after his memorable final exchange with Skip Bayless trends on Twitter. The former NFL star during his emotional speech broke down into tears. His heartwarming and thankful speech for Bayless is showcased live on television in which Shannon was seen wiping his tears multiple times.

Bayless while listening to Shannon Sharpe’s farewell speech was filled with a delighted surprise. The sports commentator called Sahnnon ” a worthy Adversary”. He added on to say that it is a happy sad moment for him and he definitely looking forward to the new great achievements of the NFL star.

The two of them co-hosted the show as partners for seven years. people like the heated arguments between the two made during the show and will definitely gonna miss the pair. 

Shannon Sharpe Replacement

Since the announcement of Sharpe leaving the show people are speculating about his replacement. Right now there has been no statement made to the public by the showrunners about his replacement nor they have cleared the reason for his leaving the show. Although his departure ascribes the tension between him and Bayless. But by looking at the emotional speech delivered on the last day of the show this seems to be a rumor.

The former NFL player LeSean McCoy is predicted to be the first choice to replace Shannon. McCoy worked with the network previously also and would definitely tune in with Skip Bayless. The other options that might replace Shannon are Emmanuel Acho, Joy Taylor, and Nick Wright.

What after Undisputed for Shannon Sharpe?

The former football tight end is anticipated to host his podcast show, “Club Shay Shay”. Although the NFL star has not revealed his future plans but Skip Bayless’s words for Shannon hinting a big opportunity coming his way. As of now the company agreed on a buyout with him and he is expected to work with another big network. 

Shannon Sharpe’s Net Worth

Shannon’s net worth for the current year is calculated to be $ 14 million. The NFL star is considered to be the greatest tight end of all time and has been able to build his million-dollar worth with his career as a professional football player and now as a host and sports analyst.

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