Titanic Sub Marine Latest Updates: Hopes are Dwindling as 96 hours pass without oxygen supply

Rescue operations to find the missing Titanic Submarine is still continuing even as the 96 hours mark of the oxygen supply in the vessel ended. More ships and boats were sent to the disappearance site where they detected underwater sounds on the second day of missing. Every possible effort is made to rescue the five onboard passengers going to the sunken Titanic wreckage. But hopes are dwindling with the passing time as already 96 hours are passed and the oxygen supply is running out.

New Possibilities in Rescue Operation: The search operations are going near the area where the sources of banging noises were heard by sonar on Tuesday and Wednesday during the search. Dr. David Gallo said that underwater noises were repeatedly heard by three different aircraft with sensors that helped to narrow the search but still the exact location and source have not been revealed yet.

France and Britain Assist: New high-tech vessels and medical personnel are headed to the rescue site as the operation is now in a critical stage. France has deployed a deep-sea robot and Britain entrenched a submariner to help in the rescue operations. 

People On Board: The missing sub-marine carries five people, Paul-Henry Nargeolet (a French diver), Hamish Harding (a British adventurer), a Shahzada and Suleman Dawood (Pakistani father and son), Stockton Rush (pilot), and the founder of OceanGate Expeditions, a company that operates the tour to the Titanic wreckage. Officials believe that the five people onboard have limited food and water and now with 96 hours passed the oxygen supply could possibly run out. Tensions are rising higher and the chances to locate the vessel lessens.

Oxygen Running Out: Davis Marquet a former submarine captain said that freezing water in the depth probably made the situation more intense for the people onboard. But people still have faith that the missing submersible will be found. A friend of the two onboard passengers in the missing vessel, Per Wimmer said that the people onboard are experienced that would know to conserve oxygen.

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