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“Lessons in Chemistry” on AppleTV+ will teach you how to prepare the ideal lasagna, so are you ready to watch the cooking drama? Two episodes have been released, and six more are to come we cannot wait. The TV mini-series is the adaptation of the past year’s biggest debut novel. So, has it made justice to Bonnie Garmus’ Lessons in Chemistry, or are the viewers disappointed? Find out the Lessons in Chemistry Review from our post. 

Lessons in Chemistry Review

The Apple TV+ adaptation of Bonnie Garmus’ best-selling book Lessons in Chemistry, which is set in Southern California in the late 1950s and early 1960s, smacks its lips over the retro, candy-colored cars and appliances of the day while baring its teeth at the bigotry of the time. Seeing the first two episodes, everybody is talking about the cotton candy-pink kitchen that became the center of attention. 

“Lessons in Chemistry” skims through a decade’s worth of love, loss, parenthood as a single person, major professional shift, and, inexplicably, Southland urban development history. “Lessons in Chemistry” occasionally depicts the pressure of adaptation by condensing all of Elizabeth’s life into eight-hour-long segments.

We encounter other rule-breakers besides Elizabeth along the route as well: While Elizabeth is the star of the fictitious cookery show Supper at Six, the characters she progressively comes to trust are just as important to the success of the show as she is. It occasionally adds too many elements when contentious issues like systematic racism and sexism are mixed with family, religious, and scientific themes.

Lessons in Chemistry does, however, take a step back when necessary, and Larson (who is also an executive producer) enthrals in a role that makes use of her wide range of acting abilities by having her play characters who are stoically stubborn, discretely competent, and unrestrictedly vulnerable.

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Note: “Lessons in Chemistry” rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Lessons in Chemistry Profile Summary

Lessons in Chemistry Review
Source: Harper’s BAZAAR
TV Series NameLessons in Chemistry
Based on Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
Developed byLee Eisenberg
Production companies
  • Aggregate Films
  • Apple Studios
  • Piece of Work Entertainment
  • The Great Unknown Productions
Lead Cast Members
  • Brie Larson
  • Patrick Walker
  • Aja Naomi King
  • Lewis Pullman
  • Stephanie Koenig
Theme Music ComposerCarlos Rafael Rivera
Running Time46-50 minutes
Origin CountryUnited States
Number of Episodes 8
Original NetworkApple TV+

Lessons in Chemistry Storyline Discussed

The show centres on Brie Larson’s character, Elizabeth Zott, whose desire to become a scientist is suppressed by a male-dominated culture. As a result, she ultimately decides to take a position as the host of the food program Supper at Six. The Supper at Six kitchen set, which is pink with baby blue accents, was initially intended to be a housewife’s fantasy, as it is portrayed in the book.

Elizabeth has to defend her existence in academia to her sceptic peers at every stage of her professional career. She frequently passes for an assistant at Hastings. Even her true love, Calvin, initially misidentifies her as a secretary. Her coworkers disregard her efforts and take her assistance for granted. Misogyny, which can range from crude remarks to actual assault, isn’t exactly frowned upon in the workplace, as the Dr. Mayer episode aptly depicts.

Where to Watch Lessons in Chemistry Episodes?

Lessons in Chemistry Review
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There has already been a two-episode launch on Apple TV+, and the reception to the mini TV series has been overwhelmingly positive. We can’t wait to watch the six new episodes that the streamer is getting ready to release. So that you won’t miss any of the episodes, we’ve provided you with a list of them along with the dates they were released.

S No.Episode TitleDirectorPremiere Date 
1“Little Miss Hastings”Sarah Adina SmithOct.13, 2023
2“Her and Him”Sarah Adina SmithOct.13, 2023
3“Living Dead Things”TBAOct.20, 2023
4TBATBAOct.27, 2023
5TBATBANov. 10, 2023
6TBATBANov. 3, 2023
7TBATBANov. 17, 2023
8TBATBANov. 24, 2023

Verdict: In a world where men predominate, Lessons In Chemistry (2022) tells the inspiring story of a woman’s quest for equality and education. The novel examines gender stereotypes and emphasizes the value of defying social norms. It provides a fascinating insight into the chemistry and scientific research of the 1960s. Readers from many backgrounds will be captivated by the heroic main character and her adventure.

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