Smallest Country in the World: Top 10 List of the Smallest Country Area Wise

Almost everyone knows the largest country in the world. But do you know which is the smallest country? Don’t worry if you are unaware of it then our article will not only let you know the Smallest Country in the World but also let you know the top 10 list of the smallest country by land area. These countries despite the very minimal land area have their own significance and importance. So let’s begin the countdown with the Smallest Country in the World.

Smallest Country in the World

Countries are defined as the smallest and largest with their area occupied by them. But that does not mean that the countries which are smaller in size should keep aside. They too have their own importance and significance. So here you will know the top 10 smallest countries globally with the total land area occupied by them.

Top 10 List of the Smallest Country Area Wise

Normally the area of the countries is stagnant expect the increment due to special circumstances like land reclamation or Invasion. For your general knowledge Land reclamation is the process of creating new land from seas, oceans, and wetlands. China is the greatest example of it. The country has so far created a huge amount of artificial land nearly about 13000km square. The other way to increase the size of the nation is by invading the neighboring countries. But this technique is not in practice nowadays. Coming back to our point now let’s get started on the topic with number one on the list of the Smallest Countries in the World.

Smallest Country in the World
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1- Vatican City

Total Land Area: 0.19 square miles

The home to the global headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City is the smallest country in the world with a total land area of only 49 hectares. The country is an independent landlocked micro-state coming under Rome, Italy. It is the world’s smallest country by both population and land area. The city is the center of Christianity and is known as one of the most sacred places in Christendom.

2- Monaco

Total Land Area: 0.78 square miles

The second smallest nation in the world, Monaco spanned around 200 hectares and is known as the playground of the rich and famous. The sovereign microstate is located on the French Riviera. The country is recognized as among the most expensive and wealthiest places globally. The city has various exotic places to visit like Larvotto Beach, Monaco Cathedral, museums, waterfront bars, Musee Oceanographique, and beautiful gardens.

3- Nauru

Total Land Area: 8.1 square miles

Nauru is an island country with a total land area of just 21 km square. It is the smallest island country in the world and the third smallest country by land area. The island country is rich in phosphate resources and almost all the island’s salaried employment is generated from the phosphate industries and government services. Nauru is also considered as among the most Westernized countries in the South Pacific.

4- Tuvalu

Total Land Area:10 square miles

Another Island country in the list of the Smallest Country in the World is Tuvalu with a total land area of 26 square kilometers. It is situated in the mid of Hawaii and Australia. The island is threatened by rising sea levels occurs due to global warming. The major source of the economy of the nation comes from fishing.

5- San Marino

Total Land Area: 24 square miles

The second landlocked country in the top 10 list of the Smallest Country in the World is San Marino, also known as the Most Serene Republic of San Marino. It occupies 61  square kilometers of land area. The city is not technically Italy but it is surrounded by Italy’s Le Marche and Emilia-Romagna regions. Despite its size, the country is home to the UNESCO world heritage sites like San Marino City, Mount Titano, and Borgo Maggiore. If you want to visit the stunning places in the country you don’t need a passport instead you need to ask for a stamp from the tourist department as a souvenir.

6- Liechtenstein

Total Land Area: 62 square miles

The microstate country lies between Austria and Switzerland with an area of over 160 square kilometers. It is the smallest nation to border two nations. Being small in size does not mean that the country is not developed. Liechtenstein has the highest GDP per person in the world if adjusted with the PPP. Being covered with mountains the country is also the favorite winter sports destination for tourists.

7- Marshall Islands

Total Land Area: 70 square miles

The Marshall Islands are spread over five islands and 29 coral atolls and is the youngest independent nation with its inception in 1986. The United States still controls the security and defense of the island country. Geographically the island country is a part of the island group of Micronesia. It is made up of 8780 reef systems and 160 coral species.

8- Saint Kitts and Nevis

Total Land Area: 101 square miles

The ministate, Saint Kitts and Nevis consists of the two islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis, both situated in the West Indies. It is the smallest sovereign state in terms of both population and area in the Western Hemisphere. Charles III was the head of the state. The sovereign country is famous for ceramics, red clay, wood, and leather products. The attractive places to visit in the country are Beaches, Timothy Hill Overlook, Romney Manor, Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, and the National Museum of St Kitts.

9- Maldives

Total Land Area: 120 square miles

Maldives lies in the southwest of Srilanka and India is famous for its white sandy beaches. The country’s main revenue source also comes from tourism. The pleasant weather and the glimmering blue water attract tourism. The island country comprises nearly 200 inhabitable islands and the beauty of these islands is stunning.

10- Malta

Total Land Area: 122 square miles

The last country in our list of the Smallest country in the World is the island country, Malta with a total land area of 316 square kilometers. Likewise, Maldives Malta is also among the favorite tourist destination. The country’s architectural and historical monuments include three UNESCO World Heritage sites: Valletta, seven megalithic temples, and Saflieni Hypogeum. These are also one of the oldest standing structures in the world.

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