Universal Music Group-Exploring the Magical World of UMG

Universal Music Group aka UMG is the leading global music company, enjoying 22.7% share of world market in 2001 and it is operating in 63 countries around the globe. The company has numerous subsidiaries, joint ventures and license which represent that it is dominating 98% of the total world’s music market.

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The headlines are circulating all around internet about “UMG had agreement with TikTok which is likely to be expiring on Jan 31st, 2024.” Recently CNBC published that “Taylor Swift’s label UMG to pull music from TikTok, accusing the social media app of bullying.”

Facts about Universal Music Group

UMG is a Dutch-American multinational music corporation under Dutch law. It’s headquarters are located in Hilversum, Netherland and its operational headquarters are located in Santa Monica, California. It is the biggest music company around the globe, it is one of the “Big Three” record labels, along with Sony Music and Warner Music Group.


Decca Records

MCA Records

MCA Music Entertainment Group

Company typePublic Co.
Traded asEuronext Amsterdam
Industry Entertainment Music
FoundedSept 1943

Hilversum, Netherlands (corporate)

Santa Monica, U.S. (operational)

Area servedWorldwide
ServicesMusic publishing
Revenue€7901 million (approx.)



Pershing Square Holdings (10%)


History of Universal Music Group

The origin of the company starts from Sept 1934 when Decca Records was formed the name and the company logo originates from Carl Laemmle’s Universal Pictures. The music studio and music business shares the same history and today the former is part of Comcast and latter is an independent commercial entity.

The Decca Records Co. Ltd. of England spun American Decca off in 1939. MCA Inc. merged with American Decca in 1962. In 1990 a Japanese multinational conglomerate Matsushita Electric agreed to acquire MCA for $6.59 billion. In 1995 Seagram acquired 80% of MCA from Matsushita. On Dec 9, 1996 the company was renamed as Universal Studios Inc., and its music division was named as Universal Music Group. In May 1998 Seagram purchased PolyGram and, merged it with Universal Music Group in early 1999.

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In May 2004, Universal Music Group was cast under a separate management when French media conglomerate Vivendi sold 80% to General Electric. In Feb 2006 Vivendi purchased remaining 20% of UMG. In June 2007 UMG acquired Sanctuary. The company represents artists such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Kanye West. In 2008 Universal Music Group agreed to make its catalog available to Spotify. Doug Morris step down from his position of CEO on January 2011. Former chairman of Universal Music International Lucian Grainge was promoted to CEO of the company.

UMG getting involved in different activities

In 2023 Universal Music Group and Deezer announced that they are exploring to new potential business models form music streaming to recognize the value of content created by artists. Also in 2023 UMG introduced HBCU scholarship program for aspiring  doctors. In October 2023 UMG and Band Lab Technologies formed a partnership to protect the artist as well as song writers. Also in October 2023 UMG formed a new partnership with BMG Rights Management to develop collaborative initiatives to enlarge opportunities for BMG signed artists all over the world.

Locations it is situated at

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The operational headquarters are located in Santa Monica. Capitol Music Group is headquartered at in Capitol Records Building  in Hollywood. 


Universal Music Group’s Universal Music Polska is located in Warsaw.


Universal Music Group’s Universal Music Canada is located in Toronto.


Universal Music Japan is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Universal Music Group Global operates offices in London.


Universal Music GmbH, the German subsidiary is headquartered in Berlin. It moved in 2002 from Hamburg to the district Friedrichshain at the river Spree.

Other Locations

UMG operates in more than 60 territories around the globe including Australia, Central America, Brazil, India etc.

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