Unveiling all new tools for Spotify Campaign Kit

Spotify Campaign Kit unveiled its brand new campaign kit to grab the attention of more listeners using its all-new tools which will help listeners to draw their playlist according to their choice with Playlist pitching, Discovery mode, Marquee, and Showcase. All new Spotify is not only for listeners but all for artists and will help Artists get easy access to their fans ‘ favorites.

Campaign Kit is developed to bring music, not memes. Its ability to reach audience insights is more efficient and relevant to listeners than before. The tolls reach the right and specific Free and Premium Spotify users.

What is the Spotify Campaign kit?

Spotify Campaign Kit
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Now Spotify can help artists to increase their Fan’s support, Spotify now Brings The New Campaign Kit That will help to amplify the reach of music listeners via tools and help them actively decide what to stream next.

Let’s learn a little more about the  Tools

  1. Playlist Pitching: This tool helps make it easier to share your new song with the editors who pastor playlists like Today’s Top Hits and Fresh Finds. You can submit upcoming, unreleased music to Spotify’s editors for playlist consideration’s 100 % free and available to all artists.
  2. Discovery Mode: This will help to discover your personalized playlist with no additional cost. Now you can select your Priority list with ease and with that signal to help you find new listeners as well.
  3. Marque: this tool captures the listener’s undivided attention with a screen, sponsored recommendation of your new release right when they open the app. With a simple click on Marque, we can direct straight to new releases and save them.
  4. Showcase: This new tool will let you promote your music to presumable listeners any time with a mobile banner where fans can decide what to listen to. You have a spotlight on both newcomers, trending, drums of interest.

You Can Visit the Offical Spotify Website Here To learn more about this Campaign Kit

What new features are coming to Spotify Campaign Kit?

  • Launching new options for Marque and Showcase: Artists would have more ways to customize in new creative options, giving them the ability to choose the background of their Marque to match their artwork. For Showcase, artists would be able to choose from additional headlines including “your playlist find” and “try something new” that will keep listeners engaged.
  • Connecting with listeners in Mixes: Though Spotify Mixes are similar to Spotify Radio its its discovery mode campaign will include daily mixes from January and expand to artist, decade, mood, and genre mixes thereafter.
  • Expanding Marquee and Showcase to artists in more countries: This year, the team of Spotify will be expanding Marquee to the U.K., Canada, and Australia, and the showcase to be introduced in U.S early next year.

How to get started with Spotify campaign kit tools:

Spotify Campaign Kit
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While all artists have access to playlists pitching, Spotify still expanding access to Discovery mode, Marquee, and Showcase. Eligible artists and their teams can navigate to the campaign tab on Spotify for artists on the desktop to start creating campaigns. On the new Campaign Kit website, you’ll find more details on how the team reaches your goals – whether you want to grow your audience with a new release, re-engage fans with your catalog, celebrate a release anniversary, develop new audiences around the world, and so much more. Keep an eye on that space over the next few months as we roll out webinars, insights, and more educational materials.

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