Ariana Grande Perfume- Her Newest Fragrances Are Unbeatable!

Any perfume always adds a little extra soul, but do you know that there is a key element used in creating a special personality? Yes, Ariana Grande perfume makes our personality special and, we all are looking for our signature scent-one that will allow anyone who smells it to remember us every time. Check out more about Ariana Grande perfumes here on Ariana Grande Perfume- Her Newest Fragrances Are Unbeatable.

Ariana Grande Perfume- Her Newest Fragrances Are Unbeatable!

Ariana GrandeImage Source: Harper’s Bazar

According to Vogue India, a singular power of association that the world’s greatest noses exploit with fervour. Today, we have bought all new ranges of Ariana Grande perfume in one place. 

A Grammy-winning musician, actress, and entrepreneur Ariana Grande is the one who invites you to experience her new fragrances. According to research and data, there are two best and most memorable Ariana Grande perfumes which are the rare ones that really mark and thus draw their pin from the game. 

So, among all the lucky ones, we have found the new Ariana Grande perfume called Mod Vanilla and Cloud Pink. With 190 million views on TikTok, these are the fragrances that have become a must for many beauty addicts, who are now totally addicted to it. 

A reason behind Ariana Grande’s Mod Vanilla Fragrance becoming a sensation

One of the most important things to note here is all Ariana Grande perfumes are Cruelty-free and 100% vegan. But, let me tell you that its secret lies, especially in its olfactory pyramid as sensual as powerful. Mod Vanilla is something that opens with a very expressive top note, with accents of pink freesia, black plum, and musk. 

This, Ariana Grande perfume is adorned with a very softer heart note based on its iris butter, white praline, and jasmine petals. Also, the complex and vibrant, this pyramid is undeniably singular by offering an olfactory experience so unforgettable that it always makes anyone who has found themselves in its wake return. 

All About Ariana Grande’s Newest Fragrance, Cloud Pink 

Ariana GrandeImage Source: Viora London

So, after nearly a decade of unwavering success in fragrance, Ariana has solidified her spot amongst an elite class of perfume innovators. Also, the launch of Cloud Pink introduces a new chapter to the multihyphenate’s iconic collection. 

Ethereal and modern, Cloud Pink is something that is inspired by Ariana’s magnetic optimism and confidence. This elevated campaign is perhaps her most personal yet, brilliantly showcasing Grande’s evolution as an artist and woman.

The packaging of the Ariana Grande perfume, Cloud Pink comes in an iconic bottle design that continues to capture the hearts of all-providing an uplifting moment that imbues joy and optimism. Her Cloud Pink design is reimagined in perfect shades of PINK. 

Also, the sleek bottle design illuminates in soft yet bright pink while resting in a white puffy cloud base. The carton design has drama and boldness with an impactful combination of metallic and stain finishes. Lastly, the iconic CLOUD symbol carries throughout the design, reinforcing the digital world that connects us all. 

Pricing of Ariana Grande Perfume- Cloud Pink

Size of the Perfume 

Price in US Dollars 

Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 FL OZ/100 mL


Eau de Parfum Spray, 1.0 FL OZ/30 mL


Eau de Parfum Spray, 0.33 FL OZ/10 mL


Also, the brand will roll out globally to additional prestige retailers including, 

Canada: Shoppers Drug Mart

Europe: Douglas

UK: Boots, John Lewis, Superdrug, The Perfume Shop, and The Fragrance Shop

Australia: My Chemist

Mexico: Liverpool 

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