Emerald Fennell Movies and TV Shows To Enjoy Christmas 2023

The best article you found about Emerald Fennell Movies and TV Shows to enjoy this Christmas. The very talented Oscar winner breaks down the inspirations for her very shocking yet stylish satire that skewers the British class system. She is an English actress, filmmaker, and writer. Explore more about Emerald Fennell Movies and TV shows only on Emerald Fennell Movies and TV Shows To Enjoy Christmas 2023

Emerald Fennell Movies and TV Shows To Enjoy Christmas 2023

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As it is already known Emerald Fennel is an English actress, filmmaker, and writer. She is also one who has received many awards and nominations, including an Academy Award, two British Academy Film Awards, and many more. 

So, just to make your Christmas more enjoyable, below is the list of Emerald Fennell Movies and TV shows, 


TV Shows

Promising Young Woman

Killing Eve

The Danish Girl

The Crown 

Vita and Virginia

Murder on the Home Front 


Any Human Heart 


The Lady Vanishes 

Anna Karenina 



Call the Midwife 

Careful How You Go 



Who is Emerald Fennell?

According to Wikipedia, So, after knowing Emerald Fennell Movies and TV shows, we should also know who is eventually is. As many people are not aware of her identity. Emerald Fennell is a very famous English actress, filmmaker, and writer. 

She was born on 1st October 1985 and has received many accolades including an Academy Award, two BAFTA Awards, and nominations for three Primetime Emmy Awards along with three Golden Globe Awards. 

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She is also the one who gained attention for her roles in period films like Albert Nobbs (2011), Anna Karenina (2012), and many more. She also wrote a book for Andrew Llyod Webber’s musical Cinderella (2021) and directed her second film named, Satburn (2023).

What Does Her Early Life and Education Look Like? 

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Emerald Fennell was born to jewelry designer Theo Fennell and author Louise Fennell in Hammersmith in London. Coco Fennell, her sister is also a fashion designer. Fennell was educated at Marlborough College, a private school in Marlborough, Wiltshire. 

Later, she studied English at Greyfriars, Oxford, where she once acted in university plays. Then, in the year 2007, she made her acting debut by appearing in an episode of the crime drama series Trial and Retribution. 

Something on Emerald Fennell’s Just Pure, Visceral Madness, with Saltburn

In Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn, an Oscar nominee Barry Keoghan played the role of Oliver Quick who is a middle-class student at Oxford University. Later, he is the one who becomes infatuated with his handsome and wealthy classmate Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi). 

After the school year ends, Catton invites him so that they can spend the summer with him and his idiosyncratic family at their massive country estate. Later, Emerald, the follow-up to her Oscar-winning debut, Promising Young Woman, Saltburn is a very psychological black comedy inspired by Gothic literature. 

Then, it was noted that Emerald calls L.P. Hartley’s 1953 novel which tells the story of a young man who always feels like an outsider within his Victorian-era boarding school, a British staple. Slowly and gradually, this made a huge right turn in the life of Emerald Fennell. 

Apart from these, there are many films and TV shows that Emerald Fennell has produced, written, and directed. In January 2019, it was announced that Fennell would produce, write, and direct one of the most comedy films Promising Young Woman, starring Carey Mulligan. 

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