FIBA World Cup 2023 Full Schedule, Fixtures and More

In this article, we have covered all the updates and information related to FIBA World Cup 2023 Full Schedule, Fixtures, and More. So, stay tuned. For the first time in history, FIBA Basketball World Cup Tournament will be hosted by multiple nations. This will be the 19th tournament edition. There will be 32 teams in total and the tournament will be executed from 25 August to 10 September 2023. The Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan are the host countries. The matches will be held in five different cities. 

FIBA World Cup 2023 

The International Basketball Federation FIBA 2023 tournament is the 19th edition of the worldwide men’s basketball competition. There are a total of 32 participating teams. In the history of FIBA, it is the first time that a tournament is hosted by multiple nations. The Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan are the host countries. FIBA World Cup Tournament is executed once in four years.

The last tournament was held in 2019 and it was hosted by China. The tournament was conducted from 31 August to 15 September 2019 and Spain was the Champions. There were a total of 32 teams and 92 matches were played in 8 different cities of China. In this article, we have delivered all the information and the newest updates related to FIBA World Cup 2023 Full Schedule, Fixtures, and More. So, stay tuned and maintain reading. 

FIBA World Cup Overview 

Dear readers, before we roll any further with the article, let’s quickly have an outline of the FIBA World Cup 2023 from the table beneath: 

FIBA World Cup
Source: FIBA
Tournament Name FIBA World Cup 2023 
Host Nations Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan
Dates 25 August 2023 – 10 September 2023 
Total no. of Teams Thirty-Two 
Tournament Frequency Every Four Year 
No. of Tournament Venues Five 
Last Tournament Year 2019 

As of now, you must have a brief knowledge of the FIBA World Cup. Now let’s move ahead and get to know the FIBA tournament’s Entire Schedule. 

FIBA World Cup Full Schedule 2023

The 32 teams of the FIBA tournament are further dived into Groups. Before we move ahead with the fixture of the entire schedule let’s have a glimpse of all the teams included in different groups. There are a total of eight groups and each group includes 4 teams. 

FIBA World Cup
Source: Sportskeeda

Group -A 

Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines:

  • Angola
  • Dominican Republic
  • Philippines
  • Italy

Group -B 

Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines:

  • South Sudan
  • Serbia
  • People’s Republic of China
  • Puerto Rico

Group -C 

Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines:

  • United States
  • Jordan
  • Greece
  • New Zealand

Group -D 

Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines:

  • Egypt
  • Mexico
  • Montenegro
  • Lithuania

Group -E 

Okinawa Arena, Okinawa, Japan:

  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Australia
  • Japan

Group -F 

Okinawa Arena, Okinawa, Japan:

  • Slovenia
  • Cape Verde
  • Georgia
  • Venezuela

Group -G 

Indonesia Arena, Jakarta, Indonesia:

  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Spain
  • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Brazil

Group -H 

Indonesia Arena, Jakarta, Indonesia:

  • Canada
  • Latvia
  • Lebanon
  • France

Hopefully, now you know that there are eight groups: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. Each group has four teams. Now without wasting time let’s move to the next section to know the complete fixture of the matches. 

FIBA World Cup Fixtures 2023 

The matches will be held in three rounds. First, Second and the final round. Let’s refer to the table underneath to know the fixture find details: The fixture is per

Group A 
25 August 2023 Angola V/S Italy
Dominican Republic V/S Philippines
27 August 2023 Philippines V/S Angola
Italy V/S Dominican Republic
29 August 2023 Angola V/S Dominican Republic
Philippines V/S Italy
Group B
26 August 2023 South Sudan V/S Puerto Rico
Serbia V/S China
28 August 2023 China V/S South Sudan
Puerto Rico V/S Serbia
30 August 2023 South Sudan V/S Serbia
China V/S Puerto Rico
Group C
26 August 2023 USA V/S New Zealand
Jordan V/S Greece
28 August 2023 Greece V/S USA
New Zealand V/S Jordan
30 August 2023 USA V/S Jordan
Greece V/S New Zealand
Group D
25 August 2023 Egypt V/S Lithuania
Mexico V/S Montenegro
27 August 2023 Montenegro V/S Egypt
Lithuania V/S Mexico
29 August 2023 Egypt V/S Mexico
Montenegro V/S Lithuania
Group E
25 August 2023 Germany V/S Japan
Finland V/S Australia
27 August 2023 Australia V/S Germany
Japan V/S Finland
29 August 2023 Germany V/S Finland
Australia V/S Japan
Group F
26 August 2023 Slovenia V/S Venezuela
Cape Verde V/S Georgia
28 August 2023 Georgia V/S Slovenia
Venezuela V/S Cape Verde
30 August 2023 Slovenia V/S Cape Verde
Georgia V/S Venezuela
Group G
26 August 2023 Iran V/S Brazil
Spain V/S Cote d’Ivoire
28 August 2023 Cote d’Ivoire V/S Iran
Brazil V/S Spain
30 August 2023 Iran V/S Spain
Cote d’Ivoire V/S Brazil
Group H
26 August 2023 Canada V/S France
Latvia V/S Lebanon
28 August 2023 Lebanon V/S Canada
France V/S Latvia
30 August 2023 CanadaV/S Latvia
Lebanon V/S France

In the second round, the winners and runners-up from each group compete against four additional teams. 

Group I 
01 September 2023 (Araneta Coliseum, Manila) Group A winner V/S Group B runner-up
Group B winner V/S Group A runner-up
03 September 2023 A2 V/S B2
A1 V/S B1
Group J
01 September 2023 (Mall of Asia, Manila) Group C winner V/S Group D runner-up
Group D winner V/S Group C runner-up
03 September 2023 C2 V/S D2
C1 V/S D1
Group K
01 September 2023 (Okinawa Arena, Okinawa) Group E winner V/S Group F runner-up
Group F winner V/S Group E runner-up
03 September 2023 E2 V/S F2
E1 V/S F1
Group L
01 September 2023 ( Indonesia Arena, Jakarta) Group G winner V/S Group H runner-up
Group H winner V/S Group G runner-up
03 September 2023 G2 V/S H2
G1 V/S H1

Now there will be the final round. 

FINAL ROUND (Mall of Asia Arena, Manila)
Quarter Finals 
05 September 2023QF1: Group I winner vs Group J runner-up
QF3: Group J winner vs Group I runner-up
06 September 2023QF2: Group K winner vs Group L runner-up
QF4: Group L winner vs Group K runner-up
08 September 2023QF1 winner vs QF2 winner
QF3 winner vs QF4 winner
Third Place Match and Final
10 September 2023

SF1 vs SF2: 10 September

Where to Watch FIBA World Cup 2023? 

The FIBA Basketball World Cup matches will be streamed on different channels in different nations. We have delivered the list of all the channels in each country. You can refer to the table beneath: 

FIBA World Cup
Source: Wikipedia
Baltic statesTV3
FinlandNelonen Media
Canada Sportsnet 
Latin AmericaTorneos
FranceFrance Televisions and
beIN Sports
One Sport, and
One Sports+
ItalyEleven Sports
SlovakiaSaran Media
GermanyMagenta Sport
MENAbeIN Sports
JapanTV Asahi and
Nippon TV
Czech RepublicCT and Saran Media
TurkeySaran Media

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