A Look at Sasha Obama Education and Personal Life

Sasha Obama, the younger daughter of former president Barack Obama and Michelle Obama recently completed her diploma in sociology from the University of Southern California’s Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Science. Her whole family attended the graduation ceremony and was with her to witness the proud moment. There were happiness and a feeling of pride on Barack, Michelle, and Malia’s face and the media captured the happy-go-lucky expressions of the former first family.

Sasha Obama Educational Qualifications

Sasha completed her schooling at the private school, Sidwell Friends School in D.C in 2019. She then enrolled at the University of Michigan, to study Psychology. Last year she was transferred to the University of Southern California. She now has made the Obama family proud by receiving her diploma degree in Sociology. To witness the proud moment former president’s whole family is present at the ceremony. The entry of the Obama family on the USC campus track catches everyone’s attention out there. The family was safeguarded by secret service agents.

Sasha too looked happy and graciously walked down the track with a big smile on her face. The family too could not stop smiling and living each moment of the ceremony. Now netizens are speculating about what will the girl do next. While to get the answer we have to wait a little more time as of now the young promising girl, Sasha Obama did not reveal anything about her future plans.

Sasha Obama’s Personal Life Explored

Since the family entered the White House Sasha and her elder sister Malia were always been in the limelight. People wanted to know all about the life of the daughter of the most loved politician in the United States. Sasha Obama is most popular for her Tik Tok videos with her friends. But the videos are now deleted due to security reasons. She is super active on social media. and enjoys attention for being the daughter of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Sasha was the youngest choils to reside in the White House after John F. Kennedy Jr. arrived as an infant in 1961.

Sasha Obama Education
Source: BBC

Sasha and her elder sister Malia were named as “The 25 most Influential Teens of 2014”. In 2016 Sasha started working at a seafood restaurant, Nancy in Martha’s Vineyard. Her father also praised her in his interviews and said that Sasha is a confident girl and is not intimidated. Sasha also is a die hard fan of the Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds. In 2016 she got the chance to meet her favourite star at the state dinner held in honour of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau in 2016.

Is Sasha Obama have a Boyfreind?

Sasha Obama has been in a relationship with Chris Milton. Chris was reportedly Sasha’s classmate at Sidwell Freinds School. After leaving the school and moving to California Sasha met the son of actor Clifton Powell, Clifton Powell Jr. He is a former college basketball player. Her relationship with her boyfriend Powell Jr. was disclosed by her mother in an interview. Michelle’s confirmation about her daughter’s boyfriend takes the internet by storm. She said that the both of them are dating since they moved to California.

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