Who is the Wife of Mercedes Star: Lewis Hamilton? F1 Driver Marital Status Revealed

Being so famous and still single is a thing no one believes. The lines are truly suitable for the Formula One British racing driver, Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes star gaining equal attention for his personal and professional life. His relationship status was always the talk of the town. The 38-year-old star so far has been linked with some high-profile names in the entertainment industry. But is he married? People are curious to know his marital status. So here we gonna pulled the curtains of his love life and the current relationship.

Who is the Wife of Mercedes Star: Lewis Hamilton?

Ever since Lewis Hamilton gained success there were rumors about his dating to some prominent faces in the fashion and entertainment world. But you may be surprised that the renowned racer is still single. Hamilton till now has not found his perfect match even though he is linked with many stars now. At 38 he is the most eligible bachelor right now, hence his current status is single.

Lewis Hamilton
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Hamilton when talking about his relationship status told that being on top takes a lot of sacrifices and compromises. He said he is a workaholic and has no time for it. Although he wants to have kids due to his profession where he used to travel to 23 places in a year it’s hard to maintain a relationship. This is the reason why the Mercedes star is still not engaged to anyone. But having said it does not mean the star is not dated, anyone. Now let’s throw some light on the dating life of Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton’s Past Relationships and Dating Rumours

The first ever relationship that we know so far about him is with the American singer and songwriter, Nicole Scherzinger. From 2007 to 2015 Hamilton was dating Scherzinger. The two of them never hide their relationship and is quite open about it. During the time Scherzinger was often seen sharing the Mercedez star. She has chased him during his most crucial winnings in his career including the maiden title in Brazil. But the beautiful relationship ended after seven years. The reason for their break up is said that Scherzinger wanted to marry Hamilton but he was not ready. Although the break up affected both of them. But now things have changed and they both are still friends.

After the breakup, Hamilton was in a short relationship with many of famous personalities including Nicki Minaj, Jodia Ma, Danielle Lloyd, Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Camilla Kendra. There were also rumors about him dating Kendall Jenner, the sister of Kylie Jenner. Among these stars, the most recent girlfriend is Camilla Kendra. According to some inside reports, Camilla was staying at his home in Colorado and by that time her feelings for the F1 racer blossomed. But things did not go well for long and Kendra now is no longer her girlfriend. She even stopped following him on Instagram.

Lewis Hamilton
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Now again the f1 racer sparkling rumors with Columbian singer Shakira are gaining all the limelight. There are rumors that both the stars are dating each other. The duo is often seen in public places together. Recently they were spotted having dinner together with their friends. Although none of them gave confirmation of having a relationship. But if they become a couple this was the most powerful pact couple of sports and entertainment as well.

Lewis Hamilton Untold Facts

In 2017 seven-time world championship racer declared that he has become vegan. He said that he did not want to support the cruelty and wanted to live a healthier life now. One year later PETA named the star as the person of the year for his vegan activism. The star also reveals that he gave up drinking. the f1 racer for all his races has always taken 44 as his racing number. The reason for this is that when he began racing at the age of 8 his father had the number F44. Hamilton being follow Catholic believes that God’s hand always rested upon him in all his races.

How Much is the F1 Racer Hamilton Worth?

Hamilton with his successful career has gained so much wealth and lives a lavish life. The F1 racer 2015 was named the richest British sportsman with a net worth at the time estimated to be $ 88 million. His net worth is growing rapidly and in 2020, his million-dollar fortune is estimated to be $ 224 million making him the richest-ever British sportsperson by the Sunday Times Rich List. 

The Mercedez star’s yearly income is calculated to be $ 40 million making him the highest-paid driver in formula one history. The 7-time F1 champion’s current worth in 2023 is projected to be $ 285 million.

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