Who is Tom Cruise Wife? Mission Impossible Star Marital Status Revealed

Tom Cruise one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors often comes into the limelight for his married life. The Mission Impossible star’s love life is complicated and fans are showing more interest in his love life rather than his films. So here coming with our latest post revealing Tom Cruise’s marital status. 

Who is Tom Cruise Wife?

Tom Cruise the global icon of the entertainment industry and known for performing his stunts has received so much love from his fans but meanwhile, his love life is always been the talk of the town. People are seemingly more interested in knowing what’s going on in his married life. Although it has been now more than a decade since his divorce from his third wife still his romance with renowned names in Hollywood attracts people to know more about him.

Tom Cruise after having divorced his three wives is currently single and is focusing on his career. Moreover, no rumors are circulating about him being in a relationship with anyone. Hence his marital status is currently single. We just hope the A-list actor got his perfect match soon. Until then let’s take a look at his previous failed marriages.

Tom Cruise Ex Spouses

Maverick star Tom Cruise’s career is skyrocketing and the actor is once again gaining praise and love for his new release in the Mission Impossible franchise. He recently perform the deadliest stunts of his life for the film which people said were the most dangerous stunts in the history of Hollywood. But a section of people is still interested in knowing more about his ex-spouses and his failed marriages rather than his professional accomplishments. So here throwing some light on his ex-spouses and his relationship with them.

Tom Cruise First Wife, Mimi Rogers

Tom Cruise Wives

Tom Cruise met his first wife Mimi Rogers at a dinner party. Mimi who is six years older than Tom at that time dating a friend. The idea of getting married was briefly discussed, but due to Cruise’s tremendous post-Top Gun celebrity, the couple decided to refer to their wedding as “The Project.”

Rogers who is a second-generation Scientologist and Cruise executed their project and tied the knot in 1987. The couple were madly in love and Cruise in his interview with Rolling Stone before their divorce said that he could not imagine being without her. But things change rapidly and Cruise filed for divorce on Dec. 9, 1989, just two days before the start of the production of Days of Thunder with his future wife and co-star Nicole Kidman.

Tom Cruise Second Wife, Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise Wives
Source: CBS News

Tom Cruise meeting his second wife Nicole Kidman for the first time termed “Instant Lust”. They fell in love while filming Days of Thunder and less than a year after finalizing his divorce from Rogers, Cruise ties the knot with Kidman. The power couple of 90’s Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise romance did not last unfortunately and the two divorced their 11 years relationship in 2001. 

 Tom Cruise has long been associated with The Church of Scientology and believing some sources this was the major reason for their divorce. The Scientology head made his efforts to break their relationship and to do so he trapped the phone of Kidman with an intention to spy on her when Tom started ignoring their calls.

Recently Nicole Kidman win the Oscars for The Hours and despite the Mission Impossible star divorcing her for Penelope Cruz after 11 years of marriage, Kidman called Tom Cruise after winning the Oscar. This shows the bonding between the two despite their disturbed past. 

Tom Cruise Third Wife, Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise Wives
Source: ABC News

Cruise for the third time falls in love with the stunning diva, Katie Holmes. Their dating rumors sparked in 2005 when the couple were seen on a trip to Europe. The next year they exchanged their wedding vows after welcoming their daughter, Suri in 2006. All was going well between the two and suddenly in June 2012, both A-list stars shocked everyone with the announcement of their divorce. Although both of them were tight-lipped on their divorce still there were meant rumors circulating on the internet about their breakup reason.

One of the reasons for their divorce is said to be Holmes trying to protect Suri and herself from any involvement with the church of Scientology. Cruise also admitted later on that this was one of the reasons for their separation. At the time there were also reports that Holmes made a secret divorce deal with Cruise in which he was forbidden to speak publically about their divorce or should not date anyone for five years following their divorce. 

An interesting pattern was observed in all three divorces of Tom Cruise. The actor divorced all three of his wife when they turned 33. I know this sounds a little weird but it is the fact that when he separated from all of his three wives they all are 33 at that time. Another fascinating and coincidental fact is that the age gap b between all his three ex-spouses is 11 years, with Mimi Rogers present at age 66, Nicole Kidman at 55, and Katie Holmes at 44 years.

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