Emily Blunt Height, Age, Children, Spouse, Movies, Net Worth and More

Emily Blunt a style icon no doubt has received so much love from the audience both for her acting and as well for her looks. Her dialogues left an undeniable mark on one’s mind. She is blessed with beauty and charm and people are interested in knowing everything related to his physical appearance. At 40 Emily still looks as if she is in her twenties. She is the perfect example of beauty with talent.

Emily Blunt Height: How tall is Golden Globe Award Winner actress?

Emily Blunt’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches which in meters is 1.71 meters. She weighs 54 kg. The stunning actress with her impressive height and perfectly toned body turned everyone’s head wherever she goes. And not to forget to mention her killer looks and charm that has made people go crazy about her.

But the actress breaking the hearts of millions of her fans has tied the knot with The Office actor, John Burke Krasinski. So do you want to explore more about her personal life then stay tuned we have more interesting facts about Blunt’s life which we are sure you never heard before.

Emily Blunt’s Age and Early Life

Blunt’s as of 2023 turned 40 with her birthdate lying on 23rd February 1983. Emily was the second of four children of Joanna, her mother, and Oliver Blunt her father. Emily inherits her mum’s beauty and acting skills. While she once revealed that she hates her surname Blunt when she was young.

Emily Blunt age

One thing you won’t believe about Emily who is widely praised for her dialogue delivery is that she suffered from stuttering until she turned 14. A school teacher helped her manage the shutter and she went on to sit on the board of directors for the American Institute of Stuttering.

Emily Blunt’s Career Start and Breakthrough Role

Emily Blunt has become a household name in Hollywood. The British actress has graced the silver screen with her remarkable performances, winning the hearts of audiences around the world. Her passion for acting emerged at a young age, leading her to join the prestigious Hurtwood House Performing Arts College. Her breakthrough came in 2006 when she starred alongside Meryl Streep in the critically acclaimed film “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Blunt’s performance as the ambitious and sharp-witted assistant to Streep’s character garnered widespread praise. Her ability to effortlessly command the screen, combined with her impeccable comedic timing, demonstrated her immense talent. This role served as a launchpad for Blunt’s career, opening doors to a myriad of diverse and challenging roles that showcased her range as an actress.

Emily Blunt Movies
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In 2014 when she portrayed the enigmatic and fearless Special Forces warrior, Rita Vrataski, in the sci-fi thriller “Edge of Tomorrow” starring alongside Tom Cruise, Blunt delivered a powerful and commanding performance, showcasing her ability to excel in action-packed roles.

In 2018, she starred as the iconic magical nanny in Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns.” Her mesmerizing performance earned her a Golden Globe nomination and showcased her incredible singing and dancing abilities, further highlighting her versatility as an actress.

Emily Blunt is ready to give you a dose of entertainment with her upcoming biographical drama, Oppenheimer all set to release on July 21, 2023. Emily is performing the role of Katherine, Oppenheimer’s wife. We are definitely looking forward to her new movie. As we eagerly await her future projects, there is no doubt that Emily Blunt will continue to inspire and enchant us with her remarkable talent and infectious charisma.

Emily Blunt Spouse, Children, and Datings

 The Devil Wears Prada star’s acting prowess has been widely recognized, there is also considerable interest in her personal life, particularly her spouse, children, and dating history. Let’s take a closer look at these aspects of Emily Blunt’s life. Emily Blunt is happily married to fellow actor John Krasinski. The couple first met in 2008 and started dating soon after. Their relationship blossomed, and they tied the knot on July 10, 2010, in a private ceremony in Como, Italy.

Emily Blunt husband
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Blunt and Krasinski have been together for over a decade, and their love and support for each other are evident both on and off the screen. They often make public appearances together and frequently share sweet moments on social media, giving their fans a glimpse into their loving relationship.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are proud parents to two daughters. Their first child, Hazel, was born in February 2014, and their second daughter, Violet, was born in June 2016. Blunt and Krasinski have been vocal about their love for their children and their dedication to being hands-on parents. Despite their demanding careers, they prioritize their family and strive to create a balanced and nurturing environment for their daughters.

Prior to her relationship with John Krasinski, Emily Blunt had a notable dating history. She was in a three-year relationship with Canadian singer Michael Bublé, which ended in 2008. Blunt and Bublé remained on good terms after their breakup and have spoken positively about each other in interviews. Following her split from Bublé, Blunt met Krasinski, and their love story began.

How Much is Emily Blunt’s Net Worth?

Blunt’s net worth has doubled in two years and the credit goes to her astonishing career. Her net worth at present is $ 90 million. With her impressive fortune, she has entitled her name to the list of the richest actress in the world. Her major source of income garnered from her acting profession, endorsement, brand promotion, and collaborations.

Blunt’s success in the entertainment industry has not only contributed to her net worth but has also established her as one of the most respected and sought-after actresses in Hollywood. With her talent, versatility, and undeniable screen presence, Emily Blunt’s net worth is likely to continue growing as she takes on more exciting projects in the future.

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